Thursday, May 05, 2005

Discovery Travel & Living Addict!

A couple of months back, we bought a DVD-recorder and also changed our SCV cable-box into a digital box. Life as a 'foodie/traveller' couch-potato hasn't been the same since then! With these two items, I can now record to my heart's content all 'yummy' Discovery T&L programs during unearthly a.m. hours and anytime during working hours, switch back to the AXN channel (and record the currently running series of CSI, CSI Miami and CSI New York - I'm a sucker too for police procedural and detectives shows and novels) using the auto-tune function on the cable remote, and switch back to Disc T&L again...the wonders of digital-age electronics!

Have been 'devouring' Jamie Oliver (Naked Chef and Oliver's Twist), Nigella Lawson (Nigella Bites), Anthony Bourdain (A Cook's Tour), Ben & Curtis (Surfing the Menu) with much, much relish (and drooling...luckily, there's a machine-washable cover-slip over the sofa). Bourdain has to be my all-time favourite food personality with his dry New York-wit. Jamie inspires with his bloody ease around the kitchen and the way he uses his hands (literally) on everything, especially when tossing the salad with the dressing - will need to try this one day once I get past this mental block against 'playing with me vegetables'!

Hubby's been very patient over the last few months (not exactly as enamoured of Disc T&L as I am) but we reached a good compromise, with priority given to the Sports channel on weekends (good thing that most of the T&L stuff are shown on week-days, and anyway, I'll be busy trying out stuff in the kitchen to 'bribe' him). Will try to show pics of 'bribery' at next posting!


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