Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Evening Skies

Seeing the world thru' a camera lens can sometimes bring on new dimensions, when the ordinary becomes extraordinary - throw in a different perspective, zoom in on a single point of interest and suddenly the ordinary fades into the background!

And so there I was driving home one Saturday evening, when I saw the beginnings of a beautiful sky filled with threatening clouds backdropped against the local neighbourhood church steeple. Rushing home, I pulled out my digital SLR and rushed back to the church location, all in record time since dusk does not wait for any man...or woman....

Ascend Upwards to the Heavens
A composition of rising spikes (part of the church gates) and steeple arching towards the heavens in the early evening light. I liked the convergence of the straight lines towards the centre-top portion of the picture, as if there is an invisible ladder to the top.

Evening prayers at the close of day, a time for contemplative reflection, a time to give thanks. Sunsets have always been a magical time for me, and especially precious considering that it is quite difficult to catch a sunset behind a desk as a working adult for 5 days a week.

Street Lamp
A lone street lamp overshadowed by the wondrous color play at dusk. Strong sunset colors that last no more than 15 minutes at most.

The Evening Light
As the evening lengthens, the dramatic skies are a portent of the night to come. And I return home, silent and wondrously grateful for the opportunity to capture these beautiful scenes, in this little isle called Singapore.


Anonymous dimsumdolly said...

very beautiful! Prob wouldn't have guessed it was Singapore if you hadn't told your readers so!

11/15/2005 04:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely breath taking!

11/15/2005 09:16:00 PM  
Blogger estlxlan said...

agree. its so pretty, also like those digitally enchanced/ altered pics.

11/15/2005 11:03:00 PM  
Blogger eatzycath said...

thanks, dsd and fran - I'm seeing Singapore thru' new 'lenses'!

hi myrtle leaf - it's actually a combination of shutter speed and white balance adjustment on the camera, and of course with lots of help from natural forces - some minimal digital adjustments to lighten the church building.

11/16/2005 12:15:00 AM  
Anonymous pfong said...

These shots are marvellous. Wonderful colour and composition. Beautiful work.

11/16/2005 12:31:00 AM  
Blogger slurp! said...

Nice sunset with beautifully textured clouds like this are hard to come and I'm so glad you managed to catch it in time.

great composition of rising spikes that leads our eyes to finally the church

11/16/2005 10:26:00 PM  
Blogger eatzycath said...

thanks, pfong, coming from u, I can only blush :)

hi slurp, I totally agree and am very grateful as well, thanks for the compliment!

11/17/2005 12:16:00 AM  
Anonymous gwenda said...

woww cath! beautiful shots! what dSLR are you using?

11/17/2005 07:00:00 PM  
Blogger eatzycath said...

hi gwenda, thanks, am using the Olympus E300, so far so good!

11/18/2005 12:17:00 AM  
Blogger boo_licious said...

Lovely pixs Cath. The sky looks like it's painted.

11/19/2005 09:35:00 AM  
Blogger J said...

hi cath, beautiful series of postcard perfect pictures...makes me see these landmarks in a whole new light...

11/20/2005 04:02:00 PM  
Blogger eatzycath said...

thanks boo and j, very happy to have shared these with you all!

11/20/2005 11:19:00 PM  

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