Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Blood Oath!

What you see is my new Global utility knife, just purchased over the weekend. It's a truly beautiful blade, wonderfully sharp, thin and flexible enough to allow me to fillet fish with ease and quite light to use (unlike my current Henckels) and yet well balanced...

Why am I waxing lyrical about a knife which is already quite well known in the kitchens of serious cooks (or at least those aspiring in that direction)? Truth be told - I'm superstitious! I'm hoping to put in a couple of good words for my latest possession so that it will treat me well. As you can see, photo shows a plaster on my ring finger - the result of an oath drawn in blood between me and my knife where we swore to accord each other great respect and treat the other like family (imagine Chinese kungfu/gangsta movies where grown men cut their fingers, letting blood into a bowl while swearing brotherhood forever).

Seriously though, this knife is so light and easy to use that one forgets how sharp it is, and a momentary lapse in good sense (which happened when I was happily washing the knife) can draw serious blood. It's so razor sharp that I didn't even feel the cut until I saw blood going down the sink - okay, okay, for those who are squirming in their seats, I shall now stop all talk of blood and gory. Anyway, can't type very well without use of that injured finger!!


Blogger joone! said...

I empathise. I'm so clumsy that i always find strange mysterious cuts on my fingers whenever i cook that i cannot account for.

7/20/2005 12:04:00 PM  
Blogger galinusa said...

Ouch! I almost got the Global knife too . Was in the basket already but last minute could not justify the cost because I don't cook too often (I bake more!). Which one did you get though?

7/20/2005 12:41:00 PM  
Blogger eatzycath said...

hi june - I so so agree with the little nicks on fingers and hands :(
hi galinusa - my sworn brother knife is the GS-11 utility knife.

7/20/2005 11:31:00 PM  
Blogger boo_licious said...

Nice knife! Looks like it can cut anything.

Yeah, the downside of cooking is those "battlescars"!

7/21/2005 05:48:00 AM  
Anonymous stef said...

hey, i say, the more battlescars, the better the cook:-D

love your site. just found it bloghopping from clare's.

7/21/2005 10:57:00 AM  
Blogger Clare Eats said...

Hi Cath
Great looking knife!
Casey's parents have Globals and they are so nice and light to use! (and sharp!)
I love the idea of a blood oath between you and you knife :)

I think a good knife is the best thing for your cooking skills!

7/22/2005 08:49:00 PM  
Blogger eatzycath said...

Hi boo_licious - like stef said, battlescars for the cook, tho' more adept cooks may have less, right???
Hi stef - welcome, will drop in u soon!
Hi clare - oh, please, please, don't try the blood oath thing! Oops, should I have put an advisory note eg. "this is not to be tried at home"?

7/23/2005 01:50:00 PM  

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