Thursday, November 24, 2005

45 degrees UP

Cleaning up some of the photos from my recent vacation in Sichuan, I particularly liked these two for that glimpse of 'chinois' afforded by just a section of the local architecture in a little river town. This post is titled "45 degrees UP", cos' sometimes, it pays not to look forward all the time BUT to look up!

Right at the Top
These were part of a row of small statues sitting on top of the roof of a temple. The smiling buddha in the centre was easily identifiable but the other was pretty unusual, a strange creature that looked like a dragon but with a fish tail (as a headgear??) and the hilt of a sword at the back of its skull.... really weird!

Red Eaves

Along an old-fashioned cobbled street, I found these lovely maroon red carved timber eaves set out in a row. Liked the contrast between these dark colors and the washed out roofs in the background. Notice the colorful lanterns hanging in a row as well!


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