Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Saute Pan Christening!

Finally put to work that 'BMW' of saute-pans, with salmon steaks. Okay, okay, I know salmon's not the toughest of stuff to cook but it's the first time out for 'me lovely pan' and I sure as hell didn't want to burn the bloody thing in its infancy! Chose this recipe from Bill Granger's "Bill's Food" coz' it had a lovely marinade which hopefully would allow me to test the 'deglazing' properties of the pan.
  • marinade consisted of equal portions of mirin and soy sauce, grated ginger, a tablespoon or more of red miso, sugar and lemon juice
  • salmon was marinated for at least half an hour in fridge
  • the 'bmw' was heated up, oiled and salmon slices placed skin side down (the fish cooked beautifully)
  • dressing for salmon was made from equal parts soy sauce and mirin and a tablespoon of sugar, which I poured into pan (after removing salmon steaks), simmered until syrupy or partially caramelized.
  • hubby loved the marinade sauce - looks like this could end up as a regular entree on our family table... a cloud of great satisfaction descended on the cook.

The purchase has been vindicated to some extent, but will require more kitchen-work to assuage guilt when remembering cost of pan. In the meantime, really need to put in some gym work with dumb-bells to strengthen those fore-arm muscles - this pan is definitely not in the light-weight category!

Red miso (fermented red soybean - follow link to Cook's Thesaurus on aka miso/sendai miso, page displays a whole bunch of other soy products that is truly illuminating for a non-vegan/ non-vegetarian) can be bought in small tubs from the local supermarkets (look in the Japanese section - I found mine in Isetan supermarket) and it has a lovely rich taste to it. I wonder whether the marinade can be successfully used for turbo-broiled chicken wings? hmmm?


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